Great Ways Teachers Can Earn Money in Summer

I have always tried to keep myself busy during the summer months. I never like to take on too much because there is true value in a “break”.  We all need time to reboot our brains and mentally prepare for a new school year.  However, there are some great ways to make money if you want a little extra income while enjoying the summer months.

We can all use a little extra cash in summer!

We can all use a little extra cash in summer!

Here are some great ideas for some extra $$:


  • Every summer there are students who are concerned about entering a tougher course or parents who want their students to remain active.  Tutoring over the summer can be a great way to earn a little income and keep your teaching skills sharp.  The best part of tutoring is that you can set your schedule.  Science tutors typically pull in between $40-$80 an hour.

Science Camps/Activities

  • In case you haven’t noticed – science is HOT lately!  And it won’t get any hotter than short term science camps or activities that are run at schools, camps and kid friendly attractions.  These places LOVE having well qualified teachers who have classroom experience.  The best part?  These camps can be a lot of fun!  Mad Science, CSI, organic gardening….the sky is the limit on the topics you’ll find to teach in this arena.  They are usually short term – two to four weeks.  The pay averages between $400 and $1000 per camp depending on the number of hours and classes you are expected to teach.

Freelance Writing

  • There are a lot of companies looking for teachers to write everything from curriculum  lesson plans, tests and workbooks.  You can bid on jobs at a variety of online freelance websites.  These jobs range in price and time from $50 to $5,000 on average.

Teachers Pay Teachers

  • Some of you will turn up your nose on this one but on average a decent income is about $100 to $200 a month from this site once you have some products up.  This is a great place to fine that elusive original lesson plan (or presentation) but it is also a fantastic way to showcase your latest and greatest.  The best products for teachers come from teachers – create a free account and see what happens.  I’ve done quite well working on this for the last two years.  You can see a sample of what I’ve done here.

Summer School

  • This one is last on purpose because it holds the longest time commitment.  Summer school can be a very hard way to earn money as the students are usually those who do not want to be there and have already performed poorly in the course.  There may be discipline problems as well.

Summer Enrichment or Summer Classes

  • Summer enrichment can be fun if you have a good bunch of students that really want to be there to learn.  You may also have high achieving kids who want to skip a level and are taking the course to move into an honors track or even an advanced placement.

In the end it is never a bad thing to have a few extra dollars in your pocket.  Just remember to spend some of the summer relaxing so that you are well rested for a new school year!

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