April Fools Pranks in Science

dry ice

Admit it…you love it when you wow them! It’s fun to play a prank or two on your students.  At least, when it is in the name of science?  April Fool’s Day is around the corner!

dry ice

Dry ice is always a good idea for a prank!

Here are a few ideas to have them rolling in the isles with you!

Exploding Ketchup

  • Baking soda (1 teaspoon) + small amount of ketchup in bottle = WOW
  • Exploding right out of the container
  • This video does a good job of showing what happens.

Rubber Egg

  • Soak an egg in white vinegar for 3 days. Rinse shell off with water
  • Bounce it in front of your kids to see their shock!
Put dry ice in a drawer and let it subliminate – watch students wonder why the drawer is smoking!

Dry Ice in a Drawer

  • Wrap it with plastic wrap and casually ignore it.
  • Watch the smoke come out of the drawer as students wonder in awe what is happening.

Remember- it is not about the fun.  Make science fun again with a little April Fool’s prank!