Summer Professional Development for Teachers

Ahhhh….summer!!!  We get to work early, we make labs, stock chemical supply rooms and then go home to stay up half the night making better lessons and grading.  We’ve earned it!  So then why on Earth would we consider professional development?  In the end, professional development makes you a better teacher. It shows you new ways to teach and gives you more skills. Some professional development will open new doors or help you to teach a new course.



There are some things we can be doing before we hit the vacations this summer!

Here are some great professional development ideas!


NSTA Web Seminars

Benefits – never leaving your home to do professional development and cost effective.

A variety of topics and convenience.  A web seminar is a great way to add to your professional development in summer without traveling to do it. There are several courses and lots to learn.


AP Summer Institutes

If you are going to teach an AP course this year and you are new to teaching and advanced placement course this is a must do! You will not only teach better but you will learn the do’s and don’ts of teaching AP courses. The most important thing is you will hear from teachers who have been doing this. The hardest part of being new to an AP course is managing to fit all the material in. Let some veterans teach you how to do it.


American Museum of Natural History

There are also online courses available at the American Museum of Natural History. Topics like: Climate Change, Earth: Inside and Out, Genetics, Evolution and the Solar System are just a few of the many courses available. These courses can also count for graduate credit and/or continuing education credit.


The National Institutes of Health Professional Development

There are various locations and interesting workshops and summer programs for teachers in grades K through 12 to become involved in.


State and Local Opportunities

Every state and local schools/townships have a variety of opportunities for their teachers. The best way to find these is to go directly to your home state or local board of education

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