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April Fools Pranks in Science

Admit it…you love it when you wow them! It’s fun to play a prank or two on your students.  At least, when it is in the name of science?  April Fool’s Day is around the corner! Here are a few ideas to have them rolling in the isles with you! … Continue reading

Great Ways Teachers Can Earn Money in Summer

I have always tried to keep myself busy during the summer months. I never like to take on too much because there is true value in a “break”.  We all need time to reboot our brains and mentally prepare for a new school year.  However, there are some great ways … Continue reading

Summer Professional Development for Teachers

Ahhhh….summer!!!  We get to work early, we make labs, stock chemical supply rooms and then go home to stay up half the night making better lessons and grading.  We’ve earned it!  So then why on Earth would we consider professional development?  In the end, professional development makes you a better … Continue reading

Fitting in all that required material!

In middle and high school science we need to keep our students interested, engaged and active.  All too often we can fall into the pattern of talking for too much of a class and not allowing time for synthesis and hands on activity.  This is especially true of this time … Continue reading

Rainbow Flowers

Rainbow Flowers   Is it possible to create or change the color of a white flower? This is a great experiment when you teach students about plants. The best part is that you can use this for any grade level from K-12 when studying plants. The level of differentiation can … Continue reading

Ways STEM can get lost in schools

STEM is not a new concept, it’s been around since about 2001.  The integration of Science (S), Technology (T), Engineering (E) and Math (M) was created to help bring about a more integrated approach to teaching topics that can naturally go together.  It is an outstanding idea that can help … Continue reading

Science Humor – it goes a long way!

Every teacher knows that stare. The blank, “I have no idea/don’t care what you are saying dead stare”. Sometimes it is because it is the last period of the day. It can also be a rather humdrum topic that puts the entire class in the doldrums of boredom. We stare … Continue reading

Metric Test

This is a test… [paiddownloads id="1"]

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